Making Threats

Making Threats

Biofears and Environmental Anxieties

Making Threats is designed to make students, scholars, activists and policymakers think critically about how environmental and biological fears are implicated in the construction of threats to local, national and global security.

Writing from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, the authors contribute to scholarship on environment and security that engages with some of the more potent and disturbing political and cultural aspects of the contemporary scene.

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Praise for Making Threats

The chapters inform each other in a cumulative way, building a series of narratives of dangers as they in turn tackle matters of security, scarcity, purity, circulation, and terror.  The book makes a substantial scholarly contribution that will work well as a text but is also such a well-crafted analysis of contemporary anxieties that it deserves to be widely read by the general public.
– Simon Dalby, author of Environmental Security and professor of geography and environmental studies, Carleton University


This provocative collection of essays makes an important contribution to our understanding of how fears related to biological and environmental phenomena are produced and played out.
– Ken Conca, associate professor of government and politics, University of Maryland


Readers will appreciate the painstaking exposition of how narratives, tropes, images and maps, binaries, and stereotypes have been assembled to create a terrifying certainty that the sky is falling…A triumph of empirical discovery.
– Paul Greenough, professor of history, University of Iowa


Making Threats is a remarkable compilation that makes links and connections no one else is making.  This book offers a wonderful, though scary, examination of the manipulation of insider/outsider rhetoric as it plays out in racial, biological, social and political realms.  A must-read for these anxious times.
– Joni Seager, dean of environmental studies, York University