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Betsy Hartmann writes fiction and non-fiction about important national and global issues. Her latest novel Deadly Election is a political thriller about a right-wing administration in Washington intent on suspending civil liberties and democratic elections. Her previous thriller The Truth about Fire explores the link between the Far Right, domestic terrorism and the neo-Nazi movement in Europe. She is a professor at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and is a well-known activist and commentator on international women’s rights, environment, and security concerns. Her latest research focuses on the politics of climate change.

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“A political thriller that confronts the darkest imponderables of our post-9/11 world.”
- Kai Bird

View Bety's recent TEDx speech on "Beyond Apocalypse and Down to Earth"
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Newsclick India video interview with Betsy Hartmann on population and climate change, January 20, 2010
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Betsy is featured in French director Mathilde Damoisel's new documentary about forced sterilizations in Peru
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